Pool Fills

The Harrisonville Fire Company offers a service to fill your swimming pool. Our prices are per load, and any amount can be delivered. Each trip is capable of delivering 3,000 gallons of clean well water right into your pool. Delivery distance is at the discretion of the Fire Chief. For more information or to request our service, please call the fire company at 856-769-1611.


Where does the water come from?

Each trip is capable of delivering 3,000 gallons of clean well water right into your pool

How many gallons of water does my pool hold?

A typical pool will hold between 18,000 and 30,000 gallons. As this is an average figure, your pool may hold less or more than stated.

Will you fill my pool to the very top?

Normally our goal is to have the water level half way into the skimmer. However, we can fill to whatever height you prefer.

What if I do not need 3,000 gallons? Can I buy less at a time?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer “partial loads”. Customers are billed per 3,000 gallons.

Are you able to fill pools with liners?

We can work with any type of pool. We have extensive experience filling pools that are plastered and those that have been fitted with a liner.

What forms of payment are acceptable?

We accept cash and checks. Checks are to be made out to Harrisonville Fire Company. Payment is expected at the conclusion of the job.

My pool company recommended using a privately owned water delivery company. Is there any difference between Harrisonville Fire Company and a private company?

Only in the cost. Every company delivering water will obtain their water and fill your pool the same way. However, we charge up to 25% less than the current market rate and some of your payment is tax-deductible, similar to making a donation to a non-profit organization.